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Or is someone taking your sensitive data?

Current browser security is weak and ineffective when traffic is rerouted through illicit servers. In many cases breaches go unnoticed. And this means cloud computing/storage is not really  secure and that is no "silver lining".


Secure the connection from the browser to your cloud based application with the strongest protection that eliminates eavesdropping and authenticates users without a loss of performance or the need to constantly upgrade to the latest new method for securing the cloud which is destined to fail.


WEBportation is a different solution that combines strong encryption normally not found in browsers with the ability to authenticate both ends of the connection, which removes many of the normal attack methods used by hackers. WEBportation can create spontaneous connections just like all other products, only these connections are secure and authenticated, which eliminates eavesdropping attacks. Creating secure connections from the browser to the cloud.


  • Protection that exceeds existing browser security technology. 
  • Authenticated connections between browser and cloud to protect access to sensitive data.

  • Able to secure multiple cloud applications on a single server.

  • Works with existing cloud applications and webservers to form another layer of protection.

  • Provides full access monitoring and performance statistics.​



WEBportation works with existing web servers and also other web enabled products. It exists as two components, a browser add-on for all popular browsers (MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari), and also as a server component that secures the connections to the cloud applications and websites.

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For really secure communications, you then need to share a new key each time you want to communicate information that is supposed to be secret. The use of a new key each time is considered to be equivalent to using what cryptographers call a one-time pad. A one-time pad harkens back to the days when an actual encryption key was distributed on paper and a unique sheet of paper was used each time. Because each key is used only once, cracking such encryption is difficult.

Wayne Rash, eWeek article, "Why Quantum-Resistant Encryption Needs Quantum Key Distribution for Real Security"


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