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Taking what is difficult and making it easy

What makes CYPHYX different?

We are taking existing cybersecurity technology and changing how it is implemented and used to enhance security and simplify the process.  With our approach we are able to greatly reduce the cost and difficulties normally associated with cybersecurity.

The Big Idea - DARE

Dynamic and Random Encryption

With D.A.R.E. (Dynamic and Random Encryption), our patent pending technology, we are able to secure data and authenticate application access all in a single process.

Components allow for building a custom solution

Components for a Custom Solution

Our products are built around the concept of components that integrate with each other to allow for building a custom solution rather than a one-size-fits-all solution.

Complex Products that are Easy to Use

Simple to Use and Easy to Implement

Using our products is easy from automated implementation to online real-time configuration.  Add in statistics, audit logging, and notification when problems do arise and life just got easier.

Delivering Greater Security at Lower Costs

Lower Costs and Greater Security

Our products end costly conversion projects, eliminate the cost of key management, and increase the level of security to be compliant now and into the future.