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CYPHYX in discussions with the New York State Board of Elections 

Today CYPHYX began discussions with the State Board of Elections for the State of New York.  We met with Todd Valentine, the Co-Executive Director for the State Board of Elections, with whom we discussed the advantages, benefits, and security that SQrazorLoc could bring to the voter databases and how this would prevent any domestic or foreign actors from compromising the contents of the databases.

With the upcoming elections and database security being a crucial component, we know that SQrazorLoc is a cost-effective solution that is easy to implement and has little to no impact on database function.  With the ability to provide a secure application gateway to the SQL database and also the ability to uniquely encrypt and protect each piece of data as specified by the Board of Elections IT personnel, SQrazorLoc secures the database.

As part of the discussions we introduced our desire to provide a no-cost, no-risk demonstration pilot, working with the Board of Elections to create a copy of one of their existing databases and application using only sample data, NOT actual data, to ensure no security issues in providing this demonstration pilot.

This concept for a "test run" of our product was enthusiastically endorsed and we were told to pursue this with the counties of New York themselves.  CYPHYX will be moving forward to identify a group of potential counties that we would work with to pursue demonstration pilots in the coming months.

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For really secure communications, you then need to share a new key each time you want to communicate information that is supposed to be secret. The use of a new key each time is considered to be equivalent to using what cryptographers call a one-time pad. A one-time pad harkens back to the days when an actual encryption key was distributed on paper and a unique sheet of paper was used each time. Because each key is used only once, cracking such encryption is difficult.

Wayne Rash, eWeek article, "Why Quantum-Resistant Encryption Needs Quantum Key Distribution for Real Security"


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