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The LOGON form is used to select an email account previously setup in SCRAMBLE using the corresponding password that was created for it during the Setup Account.  If the email account you want to access with SCRAMBLE is not listed, you can use 'Setup Account(s)' to add it to SCRAMBLE.

Setup Account(s) Buttons

The "LOGON" button causes the Email Addresses selected and the SCRAMBLE Password entered to be encrypted and sent for verification with the CYPHYX Cloud.  If it is verified then the "Messages" form will load.  If not verified, then a error message will be displayed under the SCRAMBLE Password.
The "Setup Account(s)" button causes the Setup Account(s) form to open allowing you to setup the Email Addresses you want to use with SCRAMBLE.  


This button will bring up a choice to EXIT from SCRAMBLE or to remain in SCRAMBLE.