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HELP: Secure Content Lock

The Secure Content Lock is a value that is private to the owner of the account. This lock can be a word, phrase, number, or any value that you can easily remember.  It will not be requested from you again while this account is registered on this device. It is not stored in the form entered here, but rather is encrypted and protected and is never passed outside of this device.

Please make sure to secure this value outside of SCRAMBLE and do not share it with anyone. Even CYPHYX support will have no need for this value, so this value should always remain secured with you.

This value is used by SCRAMBLE to protect your configuration and to identify ownership of the messages you create and send in SCRAMBLE.  

The Secure Content Lock must be between a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 32 in length. It can contain letters, numbers, and special characters (i.e. !@#$%^&*). The Hint is merely something that you believe would help you remember the lock when needing to enter it again on another device or due to needing to setup the account again on this device.

Setup Account(s) Buttons

The "Submit" button causes the Secure Content Lock and Secure Content Lock Hint values to be encrypted and saved to the data file. 

Notice there is no means to exit this form and a value MUST be entered for the Secure Content Lock in order for the Submit to be successful and for this form to close.