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SQrazorLoc is the ounce of prevention that's worth the pound of cure !!

In this case as with others it is simply a lack of security in setting a password on the database that resulted in the breach.  If instead that had implemented complete security on the database, encrypted the data and set some level of authentication to access the data then it wouldn't have happened.  The problem here is maintaining a process to ensure that lapses in security do not happen.

With SQrazorLoc this wouldn't be the case.  SQrazorLoc provides application level authentication that ensures access to the data only happens from those applications that are known.  Outside entities are thwarted and logged when attempts are made, so that you can identify the source of the attempt and track it.

Below this level, SQrazorLoc ensures that the data in the database is secure and even if through some other means access is attempted to the database it will only result in obtaining records that are completely protected and useless to the attacker.

But the best part of SQrazorLoc in this case is its ease of use and simple process for implementing.  This ensures that it is used and that it creates a process flow that protects the data without costly security lapses caused by individuals trying to cut corners.

SQrazorLoc is the easy way to guarantee the highest level of security for a database.  Protection so easy it becomes habit to use.

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For really secure communications, you then need to share a new key each time you want to communicate information that is supposed to be secret. The use of a new key each time is considered to be equivalent to using what cryptographers call a one-time pad. A one-time pad harkens back to the days when an actual encryption key was distributed on paper and a unique sheet of paper was used each time. Because each key is used only once, cracking such encryption is difficult.

Wayne Rash, eWeek article, "Why Quantum-Resistant Encryption Needs Quantum Key Distribution for Real Security"


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