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Niagara county of New York signs Letter of Intent for SQrazorLoc demonstration pilot 

Niagara county has provided CYPHYX with a signed letter of intent to perform a demonstration pilot of SQrazorLoc.  This demonstration pilot will utilize a sample database combined with a copy of the application that normally is used to access that database with CYPHYX implementing SQrazorLoc to secure the sample database.  Niagara county will then be able to perform their own testing using the applications that they are familiar with in accessing the now protected database.

This will provide a true showcase for SQrazorLoc and allow the county to experience how it would function in their normal operations environment.  CYPHYX looks forward to the success of this pilot and we know this will be something that Niagara county will see is a critical component of their overall cybersecurity plan.

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Niagara County is located in the north-west corner of New York State. It is bordered on three sides by water, Lake Ontario to the North, Tonawanda Creek to the South and the Niagara River to the West.

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For really secure communications, you then need to share a new key each time you want to communicate information that is supposed to be secret. The use of a new key each time is considered to be equivalent to using what cryptographers call a one-time pad. A one-time pad harkens back to the days when an actual encryption key was distributed on paper and a unique sheet of paper was used each time. Because each key is used only once, cracking such encryption is difficult.

Wayne Rash, eWeek article, "Why Quantum-Resistant Encryption Needs Quantum Key Distribution for Real Security"


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